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A prototype enables you to visualize your ideas earlier rather than later. Our goal is to make sure we have a clear understanding what business goals our clients are looking to achieve.

We often create a basic prototype during the sales cycle to ensure a solid comprehension of the requirements. We also use our Prototype engagements to create interactive simulations that can be used to obtain funding from investors if you are a startup or executive leadership if you are a startup project in your company.


User Experience (UX) Design and User Interface (UI) Design are very important aspects in your Application Lifecycle. It's essential for your users to be surprised and delighted with their experience.

UX Design ensures there is proper emphasis on User-centered design. UI Design puts the finishing touches on each of the screens.


Now that your idea has a fairly clear scope defined, it’s time to start building. We use an Agile process that gives you the flexibility you want and Denali7 the project management and control to successfully deliver your mobile app.


Now that you have your application developed, you need eyeballs on it. Inbound marketing builds upon the concept that people are looking for what you have. Denali7 will help you create and manage your Inbound Marketing strategy to connect those people to your application.